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Papercraft classes • ScanNCut tutorials • Vinyl, fabric and more
Advent Calendar Workshop Poster

Advent Calendar Workshop 7-8 Nov 2020

Advent Calendar Workshop 2020: This year we are doing our Advent Calendar Workshop a little differently. Due to our personal circumstances, we sadly can’t offer this as a face-to-face workshop so instead we invite crafters all over the globe to join us. Purchase your access pass on our Buy Me A Coffee page for £20.

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The Advent Calendar Workshop: Course Overview

Running 10am-4pm both days, this weekend will see you create your own Advent Calendar based on our base files. Choose whether to create an Advent Banner for your mantelpiece or shelf, tree decorations or stand alone Advent piece. The chances are we won’t get to make all 24 boxes, but you’ll certainly have the opportunity to crack on while chatting and asking questions.

Our courses are hosted on private Facebook groups, so you can always go back and refer to videos. This means even if you can’t watch live due to time zone or other prior commitments, we’ll be there ready and waiting for when you are ready to join in. The group also means we can live drop amends to files and you can post files live to us for advice.

Advent Calendar Workshop: Files

There will be base files provided to which you can add elements to create your own design. This saves you having to do complex calculations and design work on the fly and you can just tweak the design to suit you. These “blanks” will include:

  • An open box for use as a drawer
  • A closed box with hinged lid
  • A closed box with separate lid
  • A pouch with flap
  • A wrap for the closed boxes for tree hanging/banner


As with all of our courses, we don’t stop teaching once the live finishes. We are always available for questions after the event and often include 1-to-1 time if you are really struggling. With virtual courses it can be tricky to give feedback on what you are doing, so we always encourage uploading photos and screenshots both during and after the stream. You can even do this via private message to the course tutors.

Purchase your access pass on our Buy Me A Coffee page.

Advent Calendar Workshop Poster
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