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Finished project

Alcohol Lifting Technique

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I really like the effect of alcohol ink backgrounds but I don’t like stamping on Yupo paper. So I often use Alcohol Lifting Technique; I learnt this technique from Tracy at Lavinia Stamps who showed this on her Facebook live; to enable me to use any of my ink pads for stamping my images.

The supplies I used are:

  • Alcohol inks
  • Isopropyl alcohol in a fine tip applicator bottle
  • Alcohol Lift-Ink re-inker
  • a brayer
  • a heat gun
  • Yupo card stock
  • regular card stock
Products used

I started by adding some alcohol ink to the Yupo; using the fine tip applicator bottle I added some isopropyl; dried it using the heat gun (on a low setting). If you move the heat gun around you can spread the alcohol ink around the card; add more isopropyl if you want to lighten any areas.  

I continued adding different colours; again adding isopropyl and drying with the heat gun between each colour until I was happy with the background.

Once my background was complete I added a line of Alcohol Lift Inker along the top of the Yupo; then gently pulled it down the card using the brayer. 

You need to use the brayer quite gently and only roll the brayer a couple of times. The ink lifter starts working quickly; you will end up smudging your background if you brayer it too much or press too hard. 

I quickly covered the Yupo with my card stock; I pressed them together and smoothed over the top with my hand. When you separate the cards the alcohol ink is transferred onto the card stock.

You can clean the Yupo card with some isopropyl; it can then be used again for the next time you want to do this technique.

Transferring the alcohol ink background onto a regular card stock; enabled me to use any ink pad to stamp my images. Here, is my finished project, ready to use as a card topper.

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