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August Members Project 2021

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Did you know we do a monthly membership to help support our channel? Each month you get a file kit with at least one project and instructions. If you are not already a member go to . Your options are to buy monthly for 5 pounds or you can buy a yearly subscription which is 50 pounds which means 2 months free.

A saving of 10 pounds.

If you prefer, you can also sign up via our CF Fans page:

Plannercraft Membership

Once you’ve joined up…

First step download the August members project file provided by Plannercraft if you are a member. Follow the link in your notification email or in the member’s message on Buy Me a Coffee/CF Fans. Download the file and make sure you don’t pay any extra (non-members can purchase individual kits).

Ok we have the file downloaded now.

Now what do we want to do with it, there is so many different approaches you can take with this file, Natalie always provides great content so everyone can make it there own.

Using the Kit

I decided to use my Cricut for this months project as I haven’t played with it for a little while. As the kit includes SVG files, you can work with almost any cutter you like. There is also a PDF with instructions and inspiration included.

I opened up design space and uploaded the August members project SVG file to Design Space.

Working with the file 

First thing to do, is I saved a copy and ungrouped everything so I could see what I had to play with.

So, then I looked at the file and I noticed the shapes that are included and you know me had to put a spin on it; literally, I did, I spun the square onto its side and that instantly turned it from a square to a diamond. A girl’s best friend right ladies. Sorry wrong diamond but never mind 

Back to Design Space, I deleted everything I didn’t want to use in my project. I could always add it again if needed to.

File parts im working with

So, I was left with the score line the card piece and the smaller card piece and my one diamond piece, everything else I deleted.

I duplicated my diamond four times (one is always spare) and put down the side of the smaller card piece then got all 3 diamonds and the card piece layers and welded them all together. To get a cool shape.

Then, I duplicated my diamond piece another three times and put one diamond against the diamond shape I had made in the card piece and sliced it out to reveal the diamond shaped hole 

You can see this in the picture, you can only grab the one diamond and the card layer at a time to slice just because that is how design space works, 2 layers only to slice anything at once. Take your time and work carefully.

So, then I cleaned up my screen because there were diamonds everywhere from the slicing I had just done.

Then, I duplicated another 3 diamonds again from the original shape.

And turn them black and lined them next to the card so they would cut from another colour and I used them as inserts for the card. So that was my first card done. Very quick and easy 

Sparked an idea for another Design
First Card Finished

Design Version 2

But, then I looked at the picture I had on screen and another idea hit me for another design, I saved the first design and then just continued on with the design I had just saved so making this version two

I left the design as is and went to add to it, I duplicated my original diamond shape again, and aligned them to make them exactly even and then created a little square and turned it into a little row to connect the two diamonds and then welded them together, it then looked like a little bow tie.

Then, I duplicated the original diamond piece again; this time I had to shrink it down to make it small enough to fit inside the first diamond. I was on my iPad doing this; if I was on my computer I could have just done an internal offset to get the same result.

I added a colour to the bow tie shape; then, slice out the smaller diamond from the bow tie shape. This reveals a frame effect and then did the same to the other side

Then, I duplicated the top black diamond on the card that I had left there; line it up to make it even and then put the frame around it. A little bit of tweaking to get it to sit just right.

 Then duplicated that bow tie frame and black pieces two more times. And there you go the second card done. 

Second Design

Finally, I have made a conscious decision not to add anything else to it for decoration because I made it out of gold card. I don’t think I could improve the design with decorative effects. I’m aware I have a habit of not stopping sometimes and end up ruining a perfectly good design… so less is more in this case.

First Card
2nd Card

 If you have any suggestions what you would add to it though feel free to comment below

For another of my blog pieces why not check out this one.

Thank you 

Tracy Stephens-Wood 

Plannercraft Design Team 

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