Papercraft classes • ScanNCut tutorials • Vinyl, fabric and more
Papercraft classes • ScanNCut tutorials • Vinyl, fabric and more

Contact Us: crafting help and technical assistance

We are always available to help (well, occasionally we do sleep); no matter what you are struggling with, please get in touch.

To contact us by email: has been maintained for contact directly through this website. This is to protect our direct mailboxes from being inundated by spam. Once you have messaged us, we will give you the best contact email for your query. We advise using email for non-urgent subjects only as we cannot guarantee always having signal bandwidth at classes and at certain locations.

To contact us by phone:
07305261960 has been maintained for any direct telephone call. We may not always be available if we are teaching or helping another caller. Leave a message on voicemail and we will be in contact at our earliest opportunity. We also provide face to face help via FaceTime on this number where we need to see your machine or show us what is happening with your computer.

We also advise setting up a call prior to remote assistance through TeamViewer so we can talk you through the process. This is used whenever you have any computer related issue: whether it is a software issue or if we are teaching a technique virtually.

Get in touch by social media:
The best way to get hold of us for technical queries is through our social media. You can talk to us at any time through our Facebook page and/or group. Drop us a private message to the page and we endeavour to get a response to you in 30 minutes ( but usually more like 5 so long as I have an active signal – Nat). The links for which are at the bottom of every page of this website and we highly recommend joining our group as we put up loads of freebies and other useful links. Be sure to answer all three questions when joining and agree to the terms/rules.

Technical Support where you are

We can provide support remotely, or through a visit to UK locations (charged at distance)
Use the form below to request assistance with any technical or creative query
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