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We now offer E-Gift Vouchers

We are pleased to announce we are now able to offer E-Gift Vouchers which can be used in class or over the phone. Vouchers can be purchased in values of £10, £20, £25 and £50 and have a minimum purchase of £10.

There is no expiry date on these cards so you don't have to spend it all at once.

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Craft Products

Amazon Affiliate Store - Arteza Products

Arteza Adhesive Vinyl Pack

The outside packaging of the 42 sheet adhesive vinyl pack from Arteza

A great entry-level vinyl for those just taking their first steps with vinyl cutting supplies. 42 sheets of adhesive vinyl including matt finish and gloss finish alongside metallic and brush metal finishes.

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Arteza Heat Transfer Vinyl

14 sheet pack of heat-transfer vinyl outside package and sample sheet

14 sheets of heat-transfer vinyl as a starter pack for beginner level users. This vinyl is transferable using an iron and is a cool peel vinyl.

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Arteza Watercolour Real Brush

Arteza Watercolour Real Brush Pens in 48 pack

48 watercolour real brush markers are filled with deep, vibrant pigment and blend beautifully either with water or clear sparkle pens.

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Arteza Expert Colouring Pencils

72 expert or professional colouring pencils for dry media work

72 professional colouring pencils suitable for aspiring artists while giving higher cost supplies a run for their money.

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Arteza Watercolour Pencils

72 watercolour pencils for crafting and painting/drawing projects

Arteza Pack of 72 Watercolour Pencils are perfect for aspiring artists, crafters and mobile classes.

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Amazon Affiliate Store - Brother Accessories

Standard Cut Blade

The Standard Cut Blade for the Blue Holder can be used for most materials as well as being your primary blade for intricate designs

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Deep Cut Blade

The Deep Cut Blade is for thicker materials including chipboard, mountboard, card over 400gsm and leather - goes in the Purple Holder

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Standard Blade Holder

If you need to replace your entire holder, this is the craft product you will need to add. 

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Deep Cut Blade Holder

The holder for your deep cut blade, you must use this holder to be able to use your deep cut blade

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Universal Pen Holder

We would be lost without this pen holder for our ScanNCut; it enables so many techniques without using expensive tools

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Fabric Mini Pens

You will need the Standard pen holder and not the Universal one for these fabric pens

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Amazon Affiliate Store - Craft Products

Wooden Pencil Box

The wooden pencil boxes were used in our recent workshop; supplied as a flatpack for you to assemble. A lovely base for your arts and crafts projects.

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Cocktail Bowl

This plastic clear bowl is great to transform into a makeup brush station, giant pen pot, or a sweet tub using a variety of craft products

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Wooden Key Holder Sign

Country Love Crafts Key Holder with Sign is a perfect blank for gifting and personalising supplies; combine with acrylic paint pens

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Wooden Door Hangers

10 wooden hanging door sign blanks for you to decorate and personalise. Perfect for your Wedding craft supplies.

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Wooden Drinks Coasters

20 Wooden Drinks Coasters for your to decorate and personalise; laminate with clear vinyl or varnish to seal

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