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Essential Wishlist 2020 for your ScanNCut

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We often get asked, “What do I need to buy for my ScanNCut?”

Instead of giving a list each time we get asked, I thought a blog post would be more useful. We’ve also updated this for the new products on the market that have replaced some of our older essential products.

  • 3D Fun Printz Universal Pen Holderthis pen holder is essential for those with dexterity issues. It enables you to do so many techniques, not just drawing with pens. Add a pencil, embossing tool or glue pen to enable alternative techniques. Enable foiling and embossing functions to make the most of this accessory. We reviewed it in our Annual 2019; used for all the drawing, foiling and embossing techniques contained therein. This is a direct link with no affiliate income
  • 3D Fun Printz Sharpie Pen Holderuses any standard Sharpie marker (rather than the ultra-fine). We used this in Issue 11 to create a stained glass effect. This is a direct link with no affiliate income
  • Artistix Mat(s)I always have a ready supply of Artistix mats for my projects and a lint roller to keep them clean. These mats have made my machine easier to use; cutting down the prep time with the original manufacturer’s mats. Be sure to get the right mats for your model; we recommend investing in both a Pro mat and a Fabric mat. This is a direct link with no affiliate income
  • USB Extension Leadwhy risk a £500 machine when you could let a £5 cable take the brunt. We stock these at classes and private lessons for a reason; they aren’t just an essential, they are an absolutely necessity.
  • USB Printer CableMost SNC models allow you to use a printer cable in the square port; for connecting your ScanNCut directly to your computer or laptop. This can be handy when you are at class or without Wi-Fi.
  • Deep-cut Blade & HolderThe deep cut blade is great for card and materials over 300gsm; including leather to create jewellery, journal covers and more. Note: you will need to buy the Holder & the Spare Blade separately.
  • Spare blades – I always try to have at least one of each blade as a spare; and I do use both blades on a regular basis.
  • Papermate InkJoy 0.5 Gel PensThese pens are a great starting point for drawing with your ScanNCut; essential for verse writing, sentiments and you could even draw out digital stamps with them.
  • Derwent Paint PensThese paint pens write permanently on a wide range of surfaces; including acetate, vinyl as well as card and paper. Solid colours (including white) have a gloss finish and their range also features a gold and silver. Also known as Graphik Line Painters which are the older packaging.
  • Quickie Glue Pen perfect for foiling, embossing, flocking with your ScanNCut.
  • Maped Automatic Graph’Peps pencilThe soft finger pad of this pencil fits perfectly in your Universal Pen Holder.
  • Spare Power Lead & Adapter – The second most likely thing to pop is your power supply. Either obtain one from Brother or there are compatible ones are available.
  • Pilot Frixion PensThese erasable pens are perfect for drawing guides and scorelines. Once you have finished with the guides, you can simply erase using a heat gun. You can even use them on fabric when dressmaking, creating appliqué or other sewing projects.
  • Weeding kitThe tools in this kit are perfect for all your projects. Add the Cricut spatula, its metal tip makes it much kinder when removing material from your mat.
  • Replacement stylus – the one thing everybody loses on their desk is their stylus. However, these are easily replaced by raiding you child bedroom and pinching their DS stylus. I also use an eraser pencil, as I like the resistance it gives when positioning items on the mat.

You should also take a look at our Go Create titles which are great for learning new techniques and more!

Anything beyond this is a luxury, and some are totally unnecessary. I’ve included a few pens here, but there are many more technique-specific ones which we highly recommend. This list is really for those just starting out with their new machines.

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