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Exploding hexagon card with 80’s Summer Zing

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Within this blog, I will be showing you how to create an exploding hexagon card with the use of the never ending paper pads. This card folds flat for posting.

What you will need for this project?

  • 1 x sheet 12 x 12 of 80’s Summer zing
  • 2 x sheets of 6 x 6 of 80’s Summer zing
  • Scoreboard and bone tool
  • A rule, pencil and knife/cutter
  • ‘Happy Birthday’ sentiment stamp, acrylic block and ink
  • A max 4 inch diameter circle die
  • Glue

How the Exploding Hexagon Card is made?

This card folds down to fit inside a A5 envelope, but everything needs to fit inside the 6 inches to fold. So always keep this in mind before sticking.

Prepping the for the Exploding Hexagon Card

  1. As these papers are just over 12 inches, keep and use the binding strip as a tab. With the binding strip of the 12×12″ sheet to the left, cut 4 inches off the top of the card.
  2. Place the 8″ strip, landscape orientation with the binding strip to the right onto a scoreboard. Score at 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 inches.
  3. Rotate the card portrait. Score at 4 inches through all panels EXCEPT the last but one. This needs to be left unscored as it is the only vertical piece that everything sticks to.
  4. Rotate the piece back to landscape. Cut downwards from the top to the centre scoreline. Cut along the bottom to get cut offs. Cut diagonally to create tabs to stick the cut offs.

Creating the Exploding Hexagon Card

  1. To start off with fold and burnish all folds; deciding which way round you want the pattern to be.
  2. The offcut of the 12 x 12 is now 4 x 12″, cut this into 6 x (4 x 2″) strips and glue to the white spaces on the flaps.
  3. Then glue three of you cut offs on the inside of the card. One on the end of the card and two next to each other from the tallest piece of card.
  4. Glue the binding strip tab in place and fold the base in half to flatten (6 inches wide).
  5. Then fold the tabs and add a cut off each onto the tab.

Adding Details to the Exploding Hexagon Card

  1. Cut the 4 inch circle and 5 x acute angled triangle (or 7 x 2 inch triangles) with a cutting machine out of the matching 6 x 6 sheets, these may need a further trim and cut the edge off the circle.
  2. Then place an orange wedge of card down first then the part circle then another orange wedge, checking that if fit within the 6 inches before gluing down.
  3. Then, glue an orange wedge and another matching circle pattern wedge to the inside front middle upright and another across the front.
  4. Stamp ‘Happy Birthday’ onto a less-coloured part of the orange paper, trimmed to fit and glued in place.
  5. Alternatively you can stamp Happy Birthday onto one of the spare off cuts and then colour the sides of the off cut
  6. Use wet glue (or tape) to place the pieces, as it gives you wiggle room to ensure it fits inside the 6  x 8 inch area. The fold over flaps might need a trim in places. Then, the scored card has slightly stretched the card fibres.

Images and edited by Lucy Ballard

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