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Foil Shield launch

Foil Shield for Electronic Cutters by PlannerCraft

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Ian has created a Foil Shield to help protect your mats when using foiling products.

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What is the Foil Shield for?

The Foil Shield is for when you are using a product like the WRMK Foil Quill with an electronic cutter; it can be sometimes hard to attach your foil to your mat to cover your design without getting some foil on your mat. The thought process started with the issue of easily catching the foil by accident on your mat. Ian decided to create a solution that not only makes our lives easier here at Plannercraft but will also work for our viewers and students. Ian’s product helps prevent that by giving you a surround to attach your tape to so you are not sticking anything to your mat.

So, how does the Foil Shield work?

Once you have downloaded the file you will need to cut the file from a 12×12 sheet of card. We cut ours from white but have found that coloured card is sometimes easier to see when scanning. You will find that it cuts a large 10×10 square and then lots of 1 inch strips in varying length. There is also a smaller shield for when you are working with 6×4 foil sheets.

After you have designed your project in either Canvas Workspace or on your machine; transfer it to your device and cut your card to size; place your cut card within the large square frame; we recommend placing at least one strip in first to give you a bigger margin for your tape; then box in your cut card with the remaining supports until you have covered your mat; if you need random sizes you can cut more guides and then trim to fit; once covered scan your mat and align your design to your cut card; cover with foil and then foil as usual. This will then protect your mat from any excess foil.

Is the Foil Shield a one trick pony or can it be used for more?

The more you use Ian’s Foil Shield the more uses you find for it. It is great for helping with placement of any project that you don’t want in the top corner of your mat but want it to be straight. Examples include: inserts for Wedding invites where verses need to be accurately placed across numerous sheets; a contrasting frame for using during scanning; or holding sentiment strips straight while drawing/foiling sentiments.

Where can I get the Foil Shield?

Ian has created a Buy me a coffee link for his Foil Shield to make it simple to get.

All you have to do is:

  1. Click here;
  2. Enter your email address;
  3. Pay for one coffee (£3);
  4. You will be directed to the download folder;
  5. Download the files.
  6. You will also be sent an email with the link in for your convenience.

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