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Foil Shield – New and Improved

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All new Foil Shield
All new Foil Shield

The new and improved Foil Shield is finally here and is looking great. It has been a long wait to finally get the improved Foil Shield to a point where it is now ready for commercial sale.

It seems such a long time ago when I first launched this as a paper cut file with its thin strips to use to cover your mat.

Now thanks to our friends at Crafty by Miles we have a product which is 1mm thick with 6 durable insert plates and 17 different apertures.

So what is the New and Improved Foil Shield and how do you use it?

The Foil Shield was created to make using foil, adhesive mats and your electronic cutter easier and to prevent mats from being ruined with stray foil. What it has become is so much more…Yes it still provides it primary purpose but is also can be used for making repeat cards such as wedding invites or precision placement for detailed cards. Although we only have 6 plates set up at the moment; due to our working relationship with Crafty by miles we have more plates in progress and bespoke plates can be made upon request.

What aperture is on each plate?

Each of the plates are numbered so that if we use the Foil Shield on our daily streams we can easily identify which plate we are using. The plates have the following apertures in them:

Plate 1

  • 5×7″ Rectangle
  • 6×4″ Rectangle
  • 3″ Circle

Plate 2

  • A5 Rectangle
  • 3.5×8.5″ Rectangle(slimline card)

Plate 3

  • A6 Rectangle
  • 4×4″ Square
  • 3×3″ Square
  • 5″ Circle

Plate 4

  • 6×6″ Square
  • 4″ Circle
  • 55x85mm Rectangle(Business card)

Plate 5

  • 5×5″ Square
  • 99x210mm Rectangle(business card)
  • 2.5″ Circle( Artist trading coin)

Plate 6

  • 8×8″ Square

All of the plates are available to purchase separately along with the outer frame which give you an additional 10×10″ aperture for those larger products.

If you would like to see the New and Improved Foil Shield in action you can check out our live stream below.

Purchasing the Foil Shield

If you would to purchase the new and improved Foil Shield it is available form our new shop here. There are several options when it comes to purchasing:

  • Individual plates which are £5.50 each
  • Outer frame which is £7.50 each
  • Full set £30
  • Starter set – outer frame and plates 2, 3 & 4 – £20
  • Top up set – Plates 1, 5 & 6 – £15

The 3 sets all have a saving on them compared to buying the plates individually.

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