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Folio Fold-out Page: Part 6 Mini Album Project

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Folio Fold-out: Hi and welcome to part 6 of this tutorial, I hope you are all enjoying it, as usual, if you have any questions or comments, please contact me via the Plannercraft Facebook Group and don’t forget to show me your work in progress, I would love to see what you are all creating.

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Page Transparency Statement

You will need:

Folio Fold-out Structure

Take a piece of black card and score at ½” and ⅝” on the long edge, fold and burnish, then measure the height and width that you want and cut. Adhere this to the left hand side of your base page. Next, take another piece of card and repeat the steps above and adhere to the right hand side. These two flaps will not go all the way across the page, only about ¾ across.

The Folio Base Structure is based upon the third tunnel page we created earlier in the project

Take another piece of card and, again, score at ½” and ⅝”, fold and burnish. This time cut it to about 2¾” after the fold and round the bottom edges. Adhere this to the right hand side on top of the other piece to form a flap. Take a piece of card and score at ½” on one long edge and one short edge, measure top to bottom on your left hand flap, add another ½” to make a hinge, score and burnish and cut to form a pocket then adhere this to the left hand flap.

Create a Booklet

Taking another piece of card, fold and cut it to form a booklet. The booklet will be placed inside the finished pocket.

Completing the Folio Fold-out

On the inside flaps score a piece of card at ½” on one long side and one short side, then measure the width, add another ½” for the hinge and cut to make small pockets. We will be making the tags for these at a later date.

To make the closure, cut 2 small circles from the papers and 2 pieces from black card, stick the together and make a hole in the centre. Place your brad through this and set aside.

Image shows the closure circles with a small hole punched in the centre of each as well as two vintage brads.

Decorating the Folio

Next, cover your front flap and the pocket front with the paper you have chosen. Carefully, make a hole in each flap and push your brad through, ensure it is pressed well down and as flat as it can go. Place a small piece of scrap card over the brad that is on the inside of the pocket to stop anything placed in there from being damaged. Cut a length of your thread and tie it off around the top brad. Then, wrap it around going from top to bottom to ensure that it will fit snuggly around both circles.

Finally, cover the flaps and inside with your chosen papers, and your page is finished!

Next week, we will be working on the reverse of this base tunnel, see you then for part 7.

Take care everyone

Lynda xx

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