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Go Create: New beginnings for our content

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Go Create: Issues 1-11

Go Create is for crafters, scrapbookers and anyone who owns a digital cutter; ranging from Brothers ScanNCut through to a Cricut Maker. We also cover the software you might be using as well some alternatives you might not of thought of.

Issues 1-11 contained a wide range of projects, techniques and detailed software tutorials. We had nearly a year of creating great monthly content for a range of abilities. Then, the IT died (and I mean most of it, all at once). We’ve had to change tack, but I just wanted to mention the monthly magazines and how we got to our present approach.

Go Create Internal Layout WIP
Go Create Internal Layout WIP

Our Monthly Magazine was printed locally to us here in Worcester, UK; the quality of the print is second to none. We are super happy with how the magazine feels and looks; everybody always compliments the feel of the magazine and quality of the print within. A huge thank you goes out to Andy and the team at Richprint for their continued hard work and support as we go forward. You can find more information on Richprint by clicking here.

The articles within the magazine are the inspired vision of Natalie; she spends endless hours designing and creating the projects to go in to the magazine. Natalie works hard to get the magazine right; ensuring it is well-written and easy to read. Each project covers everything you should need to be able to create them yourself; and designed to inspire you to create greater things.

So far in Go Create we have covered subjects such as:

  • offsetting in a two part guide to break it down in to bite-sized chunks for you
  • design software available
  • how best to create SVG files
  • repurposing furniture where we turn our IKEA coffee table into a family poker table

Go Create is available by contacting us directly as it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain stock levels between our regular classes and the website.

The Annual 2019

With the start of our IT issues, we recognised quickly we wouldn’t be able to keep up with the monthly magazine in the short term. Instead, we came up with a cunning plan… The subscriptions were due for renewal in three months. That gave us three months while we could do something different. Natalie had always wanted to publish a digital crafting book and we could do a tester issue to see how it would go. The book was priced at the same as 3 magazines to be fair to our subscribers. We had a fantastic time honing everything we had learnt from the magazine into an Annual format.

The Annual has far exceeded our expectations; both in terms of sales and the response we have had from all of our readers. This, together with the low volume of regular monthly subscriptions (with high ratio of international sales), led us to where we are today.

Front cover of Issue 15

Go Create Issue 15

Issue 15 was our last monthly issue. We will be keeping the back issue program active for those who would like to order. However, we also decided to close our online shop.

The magazine covers the fantastic projects that were featured as part of the Artisan Design Butterfly Dancers launch on Hochanda. A massive thank you to Pete Simpson for the opportunity AND his very kind comments during the broadcast.

We also put in a lot of work to have the same technical approach as the Annual: covering CanvasWorkspace, graphics tablets, using your scanner, Enhanced Image Tracing and more.

By the end of Issue 15, sales of the Annual were doing so well we took a dramatic decision…

The Future of Go Create

We decided as Issue 15 drew to a close that it would be the last monthly magazine. We closed the subscriptions that were still active and as we posted out the magazines we got in touch with all our readers with our new plan…

As of February 2020, Go Create is going quarterly and will be available through Amazon globally in the same way as the Annual. We are not tying ourselves to a particular cost or page count as some subjects will need more pages; we also haven’t ruled out doing translations into other languages for well selling issues.

Book 1: Getting started with your ScanNCut

The first book covers all the basics of your ScanNCut (both CM and DX models in a departure from our CM focussed content). This book is over half way done and we anticipate it being launched before the April deadline. I appreciate our regular readers may find some content may appear to double up; however, we have updated all our teaching materials to match as things now stand. We’ve also included a lot more content than in our magazine titles as I have removed all constraints on article length etc.

We are also looking at creating Cricut and Silhouette editions in the near future; these will be released outside of our quarterly schedule.

Book 2: Mixed Media

Can you believe I’m already in planning for Book 2 before we even have Book 1 set in concrete! However, Book 2 will see us return a bit closer to our Annual format with a real mix of techniques. Join us for cutting stencils, masking, getting your ScanNCut/Cricut/Silhouette to “paint” and adding texture.

Get involved…

We try to vary the content to keep it interesting for all and there is always a FAQ/troubleshooting section for common issues and problems which you can contribute to by emailing We also welcome articles from other crafters so long as you work with one of our target audiences/manufacturers.

A big thank you to all our readers: magazine, Annual or otherwise; you keep us going and teaching 🙂

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