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loveitchopitSNC template

LoveitchopitSNC for ScanNCutters

For those of you who have seen Kylie Bertucci and her #loveitchopit method, you may find it doesn’t necessarily work for our type of crafting. In particular, the ScanNCut will not happily cut edge to edge; meanwhile it also allows us to create more layers through nesting shapes. Instead, I wanted to adapt an easy approach that ScanNCut users could use (along with other electronic cutters); thus came LoveitchopitSNC to our blog and magazine.

The following process is copyright to Plannercraft UK Ltd but you are welcome to use it in your crafting in line with our Angel Policy. You are welcome to create cards for sale, offer pre-cut pieces or to adapt for your own designs. Please credit us whenever possible.

Angel Policy

Popular sizes

Following a poll on our Facebook group, we’ve put together a system that works for us ScanNCutters who want to make cards. The common point was that you all preferred to work with square cards, rather than ISO A7-5 or American A2. This has led to the system we have created and is suitable for square cards of all sizes.

LoveitchopitSNC method

Edge to Edge

Electronic cutters do not like cutting edge to edge even on smaller pieces of paper. Rather than wasting paper by cutting mats from a 12×12″ sheet, you can instead combine electronic cutting with a trimmer. The template above can be saved and resized to any size of square paper from 12×12″ to 8×8″.

Trimmer lines

Any line touching an edge should be cut by a trimmer to prevent damage to your cutting mat. So, therefore, cut your 12×12″ sheet vertically at 6″ using your normal trimmer. Using one half cut it in half horizontally to form two 6×6″ squares (set to one side). Cut the other half of the paper at 4″, 10″ and 11″. Setting the 6×4″ piece to one side, the next piece is 6×6″ and set with the other pieces ready for cutting. The next strip is a border piece and, finally, you have a base piece.

Electronic cutter

  • From square 1, cut 3.5″ square and a 4.75″ square working to the centre of your square.
  • From square 2, cut a 4×4″ square working aligned to the centre of your square.
  • From square 3, cut a 3×3″ square working either aligned to centre or offset it to one side.

Building your designs

This template builds layered cards; combine one sheet of double-sided patterned card/paper and one sheet of solid coloured card cut according to this template.

Shown here in the following manner: dark grey indicates a solid colour layer, light grey indicates the patterned layer while the white indicates your base card showing through your design. The benefit of using double-sided papers for this process is mixing and matching sides to change up your design.

Additional options

Across our media, we use these pieces as a basis for some great crafting tutorials. We will also be using LoveitchopitSNC as a basis for some challenges over the coming weeks; we look forward to seeing how you will take this idea and run with it.

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