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Pencil Shaped Boxes with Myry

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Hello everyone! Myry here and I’m pleased to partner with PlannerCraft!

School is just around the corner for some little people so I’ve decided to make a cute pencil shaped boxes to use to give away some sweets or as a pencil holder. Here are the supplies you will need for your project:

PlannerCraft supplies:

Other supplies:

  • 280gsm white card stock
  • Glue and scissors
  • Folding tools
  • Small embellishments like pearl beads
  • Optional: cutting machine
Completed 3D pencil-shaped gift box ready for stationery gifts. Shown on a stack of vintage notebooks in front of panelled furniture

So let’s start making our pencil shaped boxes!

The first thing to say is that the template I’m using is not originally mine (it’s been with me for years so I can’t tell you exactly where it came from, sorry).

Editor’s note: You could create your own using by breaking down the shape into its components.

Natalie Ballard

As you can see we have 4 pieces: A) the body of the pencil together with the base (although you could make it separately without problems), B) an interior base, C) the lid (which ends with the graphite tip. Remember that this piece must be wider than the base of the pencil or you can’t close the box) and D) the wood of the pencil. The red lines are for cutting, the rest of the lines are for folding inwards.

The template piece of the pencil box. Panel A is a Polygonal Box without a lid. Panel B is a simple hexagon. Panel C is a shaped 6 sided polygonal pyramid and D adapts this by adding in curved line sections.

I recommend cut the scrapbooking paper that will cover the card stock before folding and sticking anything. I only cut for the outside but you can cut for the inside if you like. I usually leave one or two millimetres of difference because I like to show a bit the base colour but you can do it with the same measure and cover it completely.

Add cover panels 2mm slimmer and shorter than the template panels.

Cut the red lines and fold the rest of the lines.

Stick the tab to the body and then the base to the small tabs.

Assembling the Pencil body

Do the same with the lid. These small tabs must be sticked on the inside, closing both sides. Stick the tab at the end on top of the small tabs to wrap and reinforce the structure.

Stick the tab to the “wood” and then stick this piece on top of the lid.

You can stick the extra base inside If the structure of the pencil is dry. This is the only piece I decided to leave without paper to match the white of the card stock.

Add in the hexagon to seal the box base

Time to decorate our pencil shaped boxes!

I was doing fussy cutting with some flowers from the papers collection and I used some peonies that I made with the cut file. I putted a small title too. You can use many other things if you like but be careful not to stick anything that makes it difficult to close the box with the lid.

And that’s how this pencil box turned out! As you can see it’s super easy to do and this paper collection is wonderful for this type of work. I love this color palette and those dots are just beautiful. In the next tutorial, I’ll teach you how to assemble these peony flowers in a super simple way, wait for it!

Thanks so much for reading and I wish you a good new school year!

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