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Finished card

Punch Art on the ScanNCut By Deb Hallett

I was looking for organisation tips on Pinterest the other day and you know how it goes, one minute you are looking at storage boxes and the next minute you are looking at Dolphins, I know its not just me lol. Anyway, during my ‘serious’ hunt for some storage solutions I came across Punch Art, which is using basic shape punches (squares, circles, ovals etc.) to make card toppers. 

You can make all sorts of things using just basic shapes.I thought this would be an ideal project for ScanNCut users who may be new to the machine and want an easy project to try. This can either be done in Canvas Workspace and then transferred to your machine, or straight on the ScaNNCut machine if you prefer.

The Project

I decided to use punch art to create two dogs to go on my card, the basic shapes and sizes I used for one of the dogs is as follows, this is just a guide, which you are welcome to use as is, or you can use whichever shapes and sizes you like to suit your project.

I had a 17cm x 17cm card blank (7”x 7” approx) which dictated the size of my dogs.
1 Body – egg shape – w53mm x h65mm
1 Head – circle – w38mm x h38mm
2 Back legs – circle – w27mm x h27mm
2 Front legs – rounded teardrop – w18mm x h29mm
4 feet – half circle – w19mm x h9mm
1 tail –  pointed teardrop – w27mm x h20mm
1 muzzle – double circle – w38mm x h20mm
2 ears – rounded triangle – w14mm x h13mm
2 eyes – circle – w5mm x h6mm
1 nose – heart – w10mm x h10mm
1 tongue – teardrop – w9mm x h13mm

For my second punch art dog I used the scalloped circle and oval shapes in similar sizes as above.I also created some grass using one of the borders in the machine, I welded a rectangle to it to make it deeper and I used two of the inbuilt sentiments:
Friends – w86mm x h14mm
Forever – w76mm x 17mm

Once I had created all my shapes, I cut them using various colours card stock, this is an ideal project to use up scrap card. 

When your card is on the mat; load the mat and do a background scan; arrange your shapes on the required coloured card and set it to cut. If you have a machine with a manual blade you need to set it to the correct cutting depth for the card you are using; if you have the auto blade just insert it in the holder and select cut.


Shapes on the mat.
Background scan with shapes arranged on the required colours.
Cutting the shapes.
Second background scan ready to cut the remaining shapes.

Once all my cutting was complete I inked the edges using Tim Holtz Distress Inks; you don’t have to do this but it does add a little dimension to the project.  

Shapes once cut without inked edges.
With inked edges
This is my dogs once they were glued together. I added eyes, whiskers and paws using a black marker and added highlights on the eyes with a white gel pen.
Here is my finished card. I added a blue background and I also cut an additional red heart to add to the sentiment.

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