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Tag Envelope for Musical Nostalgia Mini Album

Tag Pockets: Musical Nostalgia Mini Album: Part 3

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Hi and welcome to Part 3 of the mini album tutorial. I hope you are all enjoying it and I look forward to seeing your work in progress, please share your work in progress on the Plannercraft Group xx

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Tag Envelope for Musical Nostalgia Mini Album

You will need:

Making your Tag Pockets

Grab the first tunnel base page that we made in the last part and turn it over so you have the blank page in front of you.

Take a piece of black card and score at the ½” and again at ⅝”. Fold and burnish your score lines then lay this piece on the base page and measure across and down. Cut in order to create a flap and adhere this to the right hand side of the base page.

Next, you want to create the tag pockets. Cut a piece of card 7½” x 5¾”, score at ½” on one long side and then ½” and 4″ on the short side. Mitre the corners then fold and burnish the score lines, make sure that one of the hinges on the the long side folds the opposite way to the others as this will attach to the album page. Fold the side and bottom tab inwards and glue to form a pocket.

Glue the pockets onto the flap you created about a 1mm away from your hinge, otherwise the page will not close properly. We now come to the closure for this page. Score a piece of card at ½” and ⅝” and cut this to 3½” wide and 6¾” long. Then, cut a second piece with the same score lines 3½” wide and 2½” long and round the bottom corners. These two pieces will attach to the base page.

Decorating your Tag Pockets

Cover your pages and tag pockets with the beautiful papers but do not cover the inside of the closure yet. Instead, cut two small circles from a piece of the papers and two from card. Place one circle on each of the pieces of card and put a hole through the centre of each one, then push a brad through. Next, you need to make a small hole in the front of the bottom and top flap. Push the brad through these, make sure they are pushed firmly down on the inside of the flaps and cover with double sided tape to ensure that the paper will attach firmly. Then, cover the inside with the papers and tie some thread onto the brad, making sure it is tucked inside the circle on the top flap. Wind the thread around each circle and your page will close.

Tag Envelope for Musical Nostalgia Mini Album
Tag Envelope for Musical Nostalgia Mini Album

On the inside back flap, cut out one of the sentiments from the cut sheets. Then, round your edges with the corner rounder, place it on some black card and, again, round the edges to match. Don’t forget to make a couple of little tags to go inside the pockets.

Page 1 of your mini album is now fully complete. Next week, we start on page 2.

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Take care

Lynda xx

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