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Tunnel Base Page Version 2 with Photo Panel Closure

Tunnel Base Version 2: Musical Nostalgia Mini Album: Part 4

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Tunnel Base Version 2: Hi everyone and welcome to Part 4 of this mini album tutorial. If you have any questions about what we have done so far, please feel free to reach out to me via any of the Plannercraft platforms. 

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Tunnel Base Page Version 2 with Photo Panel Closure

This week, we start on a new version of the tunnel base page for your mini-album.

You will need:

And don’t forget, if you are creating pockets, your base papers do not need to go all the way to the bottom of the card, only just far enough in to cover the opening, I usually take it down about ¾”, this way you can save on the papers. 

Decorating your Tunnel Base Version 2

Take your second tunnel base page to create this Tunnel Base Version 2; measure and mark the middle, then take a piece of card and make lines at half an inch and five-eighths of an inch. Fold and press along these lines. Place this on your base page and mark the height and then cut along the marked line. Then, make lines only up to the middle and cut two pieces to make two panels. Stick these panels onto your base page. Remember to cut the corners at an angle to give a clean finish.

Take a piece of card and create a single score line at ½”, then fold and burnish. Next, cut this to fit inside the panels you have just created. Mitre the corners of your glue tab and adhere to the base card.

Use another piece of card and score at ½” on the long edge and one side. Measure this to fit the front of your large page and add ½” to make the other score line. Score and cut, then mitre the edges and adhere to the front of the page to create a pocket.

To make the triangles to go on the front of the base, take a piece of card and score at ½” on one long and one short edge. Measure your height and then across one of the front panels. Next, cut your triangle, repeat for the other side. 

Mitre the corners so that there is no hinge showing and adhere to your front panels.

Next, we need to make two little pockets to go on the inside of the front panels. Firstly, score a piece of card at ½” on two edges, and then measure the size you need, don’t forget to add the extra ½” for the fold on the other side.

Filling the pockets

Make 2 little booklets, one for the inside pocket and one to go on the outside. The outside booklet becomes the closure for the page, so you may wish to keep this in mind when you decorate the cover. These could be as simple as a card base to create a four sided booklet. The pockets we have made are more suited to these thin booklets. For larger booklets, you will need to add capacity to your pockets.

Your page base is now finished. Now, add panels of decorative papers in the same way as previous pages. You can then decorate these pages as required along with adding your photos.

Here are a few decoration options you can consider for your page:

  1. Floral Delight: Add a touch of nature by embellishing your page with co-ordinating flower cutouts from the Musical Nostalgia Cut Sheets. Choose different colors and sizes to create an eye-catching floral pattern.

  2. Whimsical Washi Tape: Use colourful borders to create detail, frames, or add a pop of colour to your page. A lot of our papers feature a Cut Apart sheet of borders or ribbons for this exact purpose. Mix and match different patterns to create a playful and eclectic look.

  3. Elegant Embossing: Add a touch of sophistication with embossed designs. Use an embossing folder and a die-cutting machine to create intricate patterns on your page for a stylish and elegant appeal.

  4. Sparkling Sequins: Add some sparkle and shine by gluing sequins onto your page. Choose sequins in different shapes and sizes to create a mesmerizing effect.

  5. Quirky Stickers: Express your story by decorating your page with sentiment designs. Use sentiments that represent your interests or favourite things to create a unique and fun design.

Remember, the key is to have fun and let your creativity shine through!

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